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Aveli Infra & Irrigation encourages employees to grow to their full potential by supporting their professional growth. Provides extensive benefits for employees beyond regulatory mandates, encouraging a long tenure with the company. We are the team including experts, engineers, experienced drivers & operators to build the Great constructions. Providing safety trainings for each employee with the experts who are working on the project location.

Aveli Infra team member

V Malakondaiah
Executive Director

Aveli Infra team member

Priyadarshi Mishra
Project Manager - E&E

Aveli Infra team member

Sr.Executive - Tenders

Aveli Infra team member

Sr.Executive - Tenders

Aveli Infra team member

Sr.Executive - Purchase

At Aveli Infrastructure & Irrigation, we are passionate about our work and love to innovate. At the root of our success lies the commitment of our people and the hunger to excel. Our people power us and make Aveli Infrastructure & Irrigation a great place to work.
Any career is a journey. That journey at aveli infrastructure & irrigation is made more varied and rewarding by giving you the opportunity to help make positive change in the world. The dreams of creative, challenging, and passionate individuals are being realized here.
Aveli Infra team is creative blend of youth and experience. We see diversity and inclusiveness as an essential part of our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage.
Aveli Infra attracts a diverse mix of independently-minded people. Whether you are just starting your career or are for the next step. Aveli Infra offers you a fantastic work environment rich culture that is naturally curious, open, dynamic and always stimulating.
Quick start your career with Aveli Infra Team and explore limitless opportunities. Interested candidates may apply to current openings with their updated resumes at:-
Email: careers@aveliinfra.com ; info@aveliinfra.com

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The role of Human Resource Department is significant in the growth of organization. We provide autonomy and freedom to employees to perform effectively and efficiently on the projects. We have been continually working to build and manage a motivated pool of professionals by grooming internal resources and recruiting the right skill from the market, develop a high performance work-ethic and create a culture of continuous learning and skill development. Our qualified team is fully capable of executing any kind of Construction project within time and cost and with excellent quality.
Human Resource department supports the corporate strategy of the company by bringing on board the requisite skill, making and implementing prudent HR policies and processes and creating a productive work atmosphere by way of employee engagement and training programs. The quality and timely completion of works of company is testimony of the effectiveness of human assets. The management believes in involving employees in discussions and thus encourages participative and consultative culture.

In Consonance with our Integrated Management approach in delivery of the end product in Civil Infrastructure development, We will stand by our Long term Quality Objectives of producing functionally efficient buildings by adopting all inclusive approach of Design, Materials, Construction technology and workmanship.

Our Safety Objectives are driven by the Safety Policy and we will strive to prevent accidents and achieve Zero Tolerance level for injuries in execution while Complying with all the applicable Legislation/ Regulations in respect of Safe Construction Practices.